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Payment system



Payment System:  e4self

The solution, compatible with FIMER FLEXA and Electra EV chargers, allows to manage the charging payment in a simple and fast way, without the creation of an APP or Web account.

FIMER and Fortech together for a more user-friendly charging and payment experience, thanks to the integration between the smartOPT terminal and our charging devices.

Thanks to its design flexbility, FIMER e4self allows to manage up to 12 chargers through a single terminal, making the development of the infrastructure simple, convenient and scalable. 


Main features 




Datasheet Payment System



Stand for AC Wallbox



Stand for Flexa AC Wallbox

Support suitable for the different versions of the FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox and for all positioning needs; it is available for both the single and double charging modes.

The FIMER FLEXA Stand is a support suitable for all different versions of FIMERís AC Wallbox.

Highly flexible, to meet all positioning needs, in both single and double charging mode, it has a built-in solution for internal electromechanical protections consisting of magnetothermic, type A differential and MID meter.

Protection devices are included in the solution, sized according to the version of FLEXA Wallbox chosen.

They are located inside, easily accessible to allow and simplify maintenance.

The FIMER FLEXA Stand has its own lighting, designed to illuminate the charging point and ensure its smooth integration in an urban setting.



Datasheet Stand AC Wallbox



Unique and flexible payment system for all EV chargers.

Stand accesories for AC wallbox for one or two units. Also available in cost effective solution without the light.






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