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Commercial FLEXA AC Station





AC Station

The FIMER FLEXA AC Station is a Mode 3 AC charging device (compliant with IEC 61851-1) for charging electric vehicles. It can be used in most applications, in both private and public settings.

The FLEXA AC Stations are designed for robustness and ease of operation, in compliance with IEC 61851-1.

The Stand Alone version of the FLEXA AC Station allows charging electric vehicles in alternating current (AC) in Mode 3. It can be equipped with two Type 2 sockets (each with a maximum power of 22kW) or with one Type 2 socket (max 22kW) and one Type 3A socket (max 3.7kW). Stylish, robust and designed to ensure maximum ease of use, it is the most reliable solution for offering free charging sessions, in semi-public or private settings.

The station allows charging electric vehicles in Mode 3 and is available in two power configurations: one equipped with two Type 2 sockets, which allow charging two electric vehicles simultaneously, with up to 22kW for each (max total power 44kW), the second one equipped with a Type 2 socket and a Type 3A socket, which allow charging two electric vehicles simultaneously, with up to 22kW and 3.7kW respectively (max total power 25.7kW).

It offers:

    1. Security and safety systems: The station includes both differential and magnetothermal protection.
    2. During the charging phases, it can lock the charging cord and release it only when charging is completed.
    3. During the charging phases, the station communicates with the vehicle in order to properly adjust the amount of current and verify the correct connection with the vehicle.
    4. The station is equipped with internal temperature sensors.
    5. The T2 sockets feature an anti-vandal system and a shutter; the T3A sockets are equipped with a protective door.
    6. Local indication: the status LEDs near each socket light up in different colors depending on the charging status.
    7. Fault verification system and backup: the station can verify the presence of any faults through internal diagnostics, and can automatically reset the internal differential switches. In case of power failure, thanks to the presence of super capacitors, any charging session still in progress is closed.
    8. Power supply: the station features an internal Load Management system, dedicated to optimally distributing the power available between the two sockets.
    9. Connectivity: Modbus TCP/IP.

Both configurations are available in three different models, depending on their connectivity features: Stand Alone, Last Controller, Future Net




Datasheet AC Station

Stand Alone

Basic features that guarantee easy use at an affordable price. Its functionalities are limited to interaction with the electric vehicle, activating its charging process and ensuring safe operation. The station also offers Modbus TCP/IP connectivity. The charging status is signaled by LED lights positioned by the sockets, on both sides of the station.

Local Controller

This version of the station offers a RFiD card reader to safely manage access to the charging points. The local interface with the user is via an OLED display, and with LED lights positioned near the charging sockets.

Future Net

In addition to the RFiD card reader and Modbus TCP/IP connectivity, the station offers a 3G/4G connection which allows it to communicate via an OCPP 1.5 or 1.6 Json protocol with any compatible backend system. It is, therefore, possible to centrally manage both access to charging points and accounting and payments. The user interface is through a 4.3 TFT display, using the LED lights positioned near the charging sockets.



Commercial electrical charging solutions with power up to 22kW AC.

AC Station charging stations are manufactured with resistant materials, designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and ensure great ease of use for both users and maintenance personnel.









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