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ELECTRA  DC Fast Charger + AC




DC Fast Charger  60-90-120-150kW

The FIMER ELECTRA DC station is a charging device for electric vehicles providing both fast DC and AC charging; the best solution when fast charging is required.

The ELECTRA DC station is a new generation device for charging electric vehicles, in both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) mode, allowing you to charge up to three vehicles simultaneously and dynamically distribute the total power to the outputs, depending on your needs and the availability of the electricity grid. This flexibility always ensures charging at all available outputs.

Depending on the number of vehicles connected to the DC outputs, the station distributes its maximum power dynamically.

For example, assuming that a total of 60 kW are available at the station, two vehicles will be charged with 30 kW each; if one of the two disconnects, the total power of 60 kW is supplied dynamically to the only remaining output.

The same management method is followed for higher power values.

The ELECTRA is specially designed with a modular architecture, to ensure maximum flexibility and allow updating, even after installation, simply by adding 30 kW power modules in its side housing. Therefore, a wide range of charging powers, from 60 to 150 kW, and configurations is available (2 CCS outputs+1 AC output type 2 or 2 CHAdeMO outputs+1 AC output type 2 or 1 CHAdeMO output, 1 CCS output for the DC side + 1 AC output type 2).

The maximum total power deliverable by the station is 150 kW for the DC side (maximum 75 kW for each DC output) and 43 kW for the AC side.

The ELECTRA is customizable; customers can request an illuminable LED featuring their brand at the bottom of the station.





Datasheet DC Fast Charger

Technical specifications:

  1. 3 simultaneous charging sessions (2 DC + 1 AC)
  2. 2 simultaneous DC charging sessions at 30 kW, i.e. a total power of 60 kW (or higher, depending on the version)
  3. Modular architecture, from 60 kW 90 kW 120 kW 150 kW
  4. Dynamic distribution of outgoing DC current load (internal management via data matrix contactor)
  5. IP54, IK10
  6. MID Meter Certificate
  7. 96% energy efficiency


Signals and control

  1. 7-inch graphical user interface for charging states
  2. RFiD reader, ISO 15118 as user identification
  3. OCPP 1.6 Json protocol
  4. Network interface: Ethernet, GSM/3G/4G, WLAN, bluetooth


Connector types

  1. CCS + CHAdeMO + AC connector type 2
  2. Multiple configuration (CCS2, CHAdeMO and Type2)






DC Fast Charging electrical solutions with power up to 150kW DC and 43kW AC.

Up to 3 cars can be charged simultanously at the single Electra station !!!



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