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Residential FLEXA AC Wall Box




AC Wallbox

The FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox is a charging device for electric vehicles for private applications and for public or company car parking facilities, which can be installed on a wall or on a dedicated FLEXA Stand.

FLEXA AC Wallbox is available in a Cord version, equipped with a T2 Cord, or in a Socket version, equipped with a T2 or a T3A socket.

The device can be installed on the wall or on a dedicated FLEXA Stand and is available in different configurations, depending on the power (from 3.7kW to 22kW), the connection type (T2 Cord or T2 socket or T3A socket) and the type of connectivity (Stand Alone, Inverter Net or Future Net).

Each FLEXA AC Wallbox can be configured in Master (Future Net) or Slave (Stand Alone or Inverter Net) mode: this configuration makes multiple installations (in public and company car parking facilities) even more efficient, through a built-in Load Management system.

Three models are available: Stand Alone,  Future Net, Inverter Net

All versions have the following main features:

  1. Available in Cord (Type 2) or Socket (Type 2 or Type 3A) version
  2. Charge in Mode 3
  3. Master-Slave functionality
  4. Locking of the socket during the charging phase (only for the Socket version)
  5. Bluetooth connectivity and RFiD reader
  6. 100% recycled plastic
  7. Communication interface with external amperometric transformer or MID energy meter
  8. Installation on a wall or a dedicated FLEXA Stand system
  9. Easy assembl




Datasheet AC Wall Box

FLEXA AC Wallbox Stand Alone

The Stand Alone version comes with basic features that guarantee easy use at an affordable price.

Its functionalities are limited to interaction with the electric vehicle, activating its charging process and ensuring its safe operation:

  • Status signaling via local LEDs and local RS485 communication for configuration and monitoring
  • Available in Cord (T2) or Socket (T2 or T3A) versions
  • Communication interface with MID counter or TA meter
  • Bluetooth communication and RFiD reader for local access management

FLEXA AC Wallbox Inverter Net

The features of the Inverter Net version are similar to those of the Stand Alone version; it only differs in that it can communicate with REACT 2 photovoltaic inverters with storage. This version offers the following advantages compared to the Stand Alone version:

  • Data sharing and storage through interaction with REACT 2 photovoltaic inverters with integrated storage
  • Load optimization and integration with storage systems
  • Shared management portal for data monitoring and management

FLEXA AC Wallbox Future Net

The Future Net version includes great connectivity features that enable remote monitoring and control of the device. It offers the following features in addition to those of the Stand Alone version:

  • 3G/4G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Ethernet
  • OCPP 1.6 Json communication protocol
  • Intelligent remote monitoring and control system: thanks to the use of a mobile application for the user and a centralized system for the operator, it allows remote monitoring of the device status, the creation of use and energy reports, access management and error analysis
  • Master/Slave Management





Residential electrical charging solutions with power up to 22kW AC

FIMER FLEXA Wallbox is an easy to install and use AC wall charging system, made from 100% recycled materials.

Wallbox Inverter Net is able to comunicate to residential solar inveters REACT 2.




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